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Plum’s Latest Single Is Hella Dreamy


If you’re looking for something unabashedly dreamy, Reveal, the latest single from Sydney bedroom producer Plum could be what you’re after.

Slow, melodic, and thick with reverb, Reveal follows a formula similar to his previous singles and creates a track that makes his bedroom sound cavernous.

It may not have the edge or the buzzsaw qualities that are typical with shoegaze tracks, instead Plum substitutes harshness for gentle synth pads and clicking 808 hi-hats, making it sound atmospheric, dissonant, and calming.

Reveal is the perfect follow up to Plum’s previous singles Pavement and TinyFeet. Each of his tracks are awash in layers of shimmering guitars and breathy, half-awake vocals that invite you to zone out as if you were driving on an empty stretch of highway.

It’s not particularly uncharted territory; elements of the Plum’s material can be heard in obvious influencers like My Bloody Valentine and Silversun Pickups, but there’s also an element of clarity and tenderness that grants an atmosphere of softness.