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PNAU Are Back, Baby! *With Added Banger


Whether you forgot about PNAU or haven’t heard about them before, PNAU are back after four years and that’s a big deal! Chameleon is the latest track from the freshly announced trio and there’s a trippy video to match.

With the mega-success of Empire of the Sun, many forget or don’t know about the projects from members Nick Littlemore and Luke Steele before they formed the now-renowned duo. For Nick Littlemore PNAU was where he honed in his dance music prowess, along with Peter Mayes during the late 1990s/early 2000s. PNAU were a huge name in dance music with their prolific 1999 debut ‘Sambanova’, happy 2007 self-titled follow-up and moodier 2011 release ‘Soft Universe’.

Chameleon is the first new music from the duo since their 2012 Elton John remix album ‘Good Morning To The Night’ and the sound is a slightly different story to what we’ve heard previously from the duo.

This is no surprise considering the lineup for PNAU has changed with Nick Littlemore’s brother Sam Littlemore joining the group after producing their 2007 debut album and remaining involved over the years. With the ever-expanding list of projects Nick Littlemore is involved in this also has shaped how PNAU sound on Chameleon.

Nick Littlemore has usually taken vocal duties for PNAU but on Chameleon the group have the pipes of Shakira Marshall pumping out the vocals. This gives the track a boost of energy, the production on the vocals plays around with gang vocals on backing which gives a terrific tribal feel.

Opening with polished synths before lifting off into an acid house beat that immediately makes us feel as though we are sweating in the club, Chameleon is a club banger that doesn’t go easy on the frothability.

The accompanying clip for the track is a feast for the eyes with beautiful makeup that is based on ‘Yemanja: The Goddess of the Water by Juan Carlos Taminchi’ making Shakira Marshall look like a member of a neo-futuristic tribe on Jupiter. Glowing in neon with visual effects accentuating the colour and warped edits mirroring the dancer, the clip features a mix of wild almost-ritualist dancing and hip-hop dancing.

While there’s no talk of when the next release from PNAU will drop, Chameleon is a very-enticing taste of what the next release will be from PNAU!