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POOLCLVB Reveals Emotive New Single, ‘Broken Heart’ feat. Fanta Ballo

Renowned Sydney-based producer POOLCLVB has graced us once again with his latest ethereal single, “Broken Heart,” which promises to captivate both old fans and newcomers alike. This mesmerizing track takes a unique twist with the inclusion of Fanta Ballo’s exceptional talents, adding a fresh layer of depth to POOLCLVB’s signature sound. Following the immense success of his previous hit, “Love Type,” this smooth jam is set to carve its own path in the world of electronic music.

Immersed in the diverse world of artistry, POOLCLVB has unearthed a wellspring of inspiration in the realm of slam poetry, and he continues to craft his unique sound through this ongoing exploration. His musical journey began with a soulful reimagining of Shihan’s ‘This Type Love’ in ‘Love Type,’ and now he embarks on a new artistic voyage, guided by the commanding and awe-inspiring works of New York’s multi-talented Fanta Ballo. As an acclaimed poet, artist, activist, and now a songwriter, Fanta’s talents have graced stages worldwide, from the Global Citizens Festival, where she opened for Shawn Mendez, to poignant performances at a Juneteenth event hosted by the NYC Mayor and First Lady, as well as engagements at a UNICEF youth mental health conference and the prestigious Earthshot Prize Summit for Bloomberg Philanthropies, among many other remarkable achievements.

In concluding this brief narrative, ‘Broken Heart’ transcends the mere recounting of a relationship’s downfall, delving deeper into the profound understanding of what it takes to pave the way for a brighter future.

I really wanted to bookend ‘Love Type’ with an emotionally charged conclusion. I felt there was more story to tell within the dynamic of relationship, falling in and out of love and the closure we seek. I have a deep appreciation for spoken word performance art and through the poetry of Fanta Ballo I feel we can all relate.”Whilst speaking to the messaging of the song and collaboration itself, Fanta shares “this song to me is about finding beauty and happiness through some of our toughest times. And mixing the gift of poetry and music together to create something magical!” – POOLCLVB.

POOLCLVB’s latest single, ‘Broken Heart,’ is a soul-stirring musical journey that invites listeners to embrace the healing power of acceptance and move forward with renewed hope. It’s available now, everywhere.


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Written by Chris Lamaro