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Pop-tastic Beats From Tiaryn’s Debut Single “Cement Love”


Fresh out of Melbourne with her debut single Cement Love, Tiaryn is sure to get hearts pumping with her groovy pop vibes and the funky dance moves in her the accompanying music video.

A blend of strong percussive beats and melodic chords drive the song along, peaking at the chorus when the echoey vocals and luscious electronics come together with all the other elements. With a mixture of sampled soundscapes, pop-driven melodies and eerie instrumentation, Cement Love will take you for a ride on a sonic rollercoaster.

The video is a mixture of pop-tastic outfits and bright colours, with Tiaryn’s energetic dancing guaranteed to have you bopping along to the beat. Set in a variety of locations, the video was designed to explore how everyday locations can invoke memories of past relationships.

Director Jessica Barclay Lawton, known for creating videos with Vance Joy, British India, and Owl Eyes, is a good friend Tiaryn’s, and worked closely with her on the video. Wanting to contrast the commonplace settings of Melbourne’s northern suburbs with pop-appeal, Tiaryn said “In the clip I am torn between the darkness or realising that there’s no such thing as a ‘forever’ love and the hopeful memory of once feeling that certain”.

Tiaryn will be launching her single and video officially with a live show in Melbourne, but if you can’t make it to the gig you can check out the video below and groove along by yourself!

Tiaryn Live Dates

The Toff in Town, Melbourne

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