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Premere: Kat Greta Enters The Fray With Her Debut EP, ‘Get Up & Go’

This week groove merchant, Kat Greta will reveal her brand new EP, Get Up & Go and today we’re stoked to share with you the very first spin of the four-track gem. Set for release on Friday, the EP features the previously released single, Let It Go which features the added talents of Melbourne’s Charlie Lane.

Get Up & Go is a short yet sweet EP that oozes with smooth tones and polished melodies. Showcasing a level of adult contemporary we’ve not heard before. It presents style with retro glare and highlights the ability this songwriter has to offer.

From start to finish this one appeals to the traditional music lover, with good vibes and smiles all around as we toe tap our way through the big rocking drum sounds, groovy keyboard rolls and rich guitar work.

Although this is her first official musical presentation, Kat is no stranger to the music industry. With a long line of music in her family linage including relations to members of Jet, Eugene Cester of TISM (Yeah that TISM), opera singer, Christina Russo and more! It was only a matter of time before Kat Greta entered the fray.

Her dynamic EP, Get Up & Go is available this Friday but you can listen right here exclusively today!

Written by John Zebra