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Premiere: Ali Reyis Reveals New Single, ‘Glenfield 308 Semi Automatic’

This week, Sydney artist Ali Reyis will reveal his new single, Glenfield 308 Semi Automatic and today we have the joy of bringing you the very first play of the high-energy jam.

Glenfield 308 Semi Automatic carries with it a poignant origin story that adds a layer of depth to its enchanting melodies. Penned while sitting at Glenfield Train Station in Western Sydney, the song captures a profound moment in his life. Ali recalls the freezing cold, nearly midnight atmosphere as he made his way back from an Open Mic Night in the city to his university dorm at the University of Western Sydney in Campbelltown. Fatigued and torn between the demands of academia and his musical aspirations, he found himself at a crossroads.

This song was written sitting at Glenfield Train Station, in Western Sydney. I was on my way back from an Open Mic Night in the city to my university dorm in Campbelltown at the University of Western Sydney. It was freezing cold, almost midnight, and I had a lecture at 8am the next morning, totally defeated and dog tired. I had spread myself too thin, trying to finish uni as well as release and record songs, bumbling my way through both and not really committing to either. And then as the clock went to 00.00, I suddenly started laughing and smiling to myself, as I felt this huge rush of euphoria. I had a sense of conquest, of accomplishment, that regardless of the outcome, I was really pushing myself to go chase my dream of playing music.” – ALI REYIS 

This personal narrative infuses Glenfield 308 Semi Automatic with a profound sense of purpose and determination, making it a powerful and relatable musical experience for listeners.

Ali Reyis’ Glenfield 308 Semi Automatic is not just a song; it’s a musical testament to the unwavering pursuit of one’s dreams, a journey that resonates with anyone who has ever dared to chase their passions. It’s available tomorrow but you can listen right here exclusively today!