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Premiere: AMELA Returns With The Addictive Pop Gem, ‘Who You Are’

Gold Coast-based singer-songwriter, Amela returns this week with another polished pop gem, Who You Are and today AAA is stoked to share with you the very first spin of the fun new track.

Known for her sweet voice and vibing melodies, Amela truly shines on Who You Are, highlighting her ability to create catchy and addictive pop tunes. This new one is filled with uplifting moments, hyper pop beats, and swaying synth lines. Co-written and produced with Josh Beattie at his iconic purple studio in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Who You Are ticks every box on the instant pop hit checklist.

“I wrote the song with a frustrated feeling pulsing inside and immediately started with the piano/synth jabs that you hear in the beginning.”

“It’s about being friends with someone you don’t think you should be friends with… When they’ve done something wrong, and you have to question whether to stay in the friendship or not.” AMELA

Complimenting the single is the perfect visualiser, shot and produced by cinematographer, Pablo Mejia-Lopez it captures the exact essence of Who You Are with it’s fun and quirky moments.

“Although the themes are really dark and heavy, I think I wanted the music and music video clip to feel PG friendly and I wanted it to have a fun/quirky/almost comedic feeling similar to Taylor Swift’s ‘You Need to Calm Down’. This is partly why we had that confetti slow-motion scene at the end. This scene was particularly memorable because I had to sing my song in double the speed to achieve the slow-motion effect in post-production. Everyone was so tired because it was at the end of the day, but I just couldn’t stop laughing because when else do you get thrown confetti on and have to sing your song in double speed?”

“I wanted the colour schemes to fit ‘my brand’, so we used vintage themes and colours like deep red, gold, navy blue, cream… Those are my favourite colours and suit my artist aesthetic. The camera at the beginning was handmade by our set designer, Kendra. It took her three months to make it – she’s incredible!”

“We shot the video at our friends shed- they work on local films and had one already made there! Although we had to reschedule due to Covid a few Ames, we finally got it done! It was such a fun experience, dressing up, having all the extras come and be involved, as well.”

Who You Are is a excellent return to form for Amela, a bright and fun track that highlights her overall talents. It’s available tomorrow, but you can listen right here exclusively today!

Amela will also be performing a headline show at Mo’s Desert Clubhouse on July 21st,, with

supports from local artists Georgia Hoareau and Eimhin. Tickets HERE

Written by Chris Lamaro