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PREMIERE: Atticus Chimps’ Self-Titled EP Hits Hard & Leaves You For Broke

Atticus Chimps

Atticus Chimps are full of energy and they know exactly where to put it. The Gold Coast trio has been impressing with their solid string of venomous rock singles. Now, the guys are ready to unleash their behemoth debut, self-titled EP.

The EP is flush with three previous, well-rounded singles—Lead, Pretend, Bee Stung Lips and Illusion—that packs a 1, 2, 3 punch. There’s more screaming, heavier riffs and punchier drums, resulting in a full force of grunge power hitting you in the face and stealing your wallet. On Lead, Pretend, for example, once that chorus hits, you’re in; there’s no turning back. A good sentiment for the grungey, head-banging affair.

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The EP is bookended by two brand new track. Plastic Paper is a flip on the usual grunge angst where they shout, “I will conform if I have to.” It’s a raw and intriguing way to open up the EP that pays off as soon as that chorus jumps in. The other unheard track from the self-titled release is Cockpit—a riff-heavy affair that begs farewell to a solid, debut release from a band who successfully capitalised on so much promise. Cockpit is the strongest vocal example from Sam Bray—it’s dusty and loud enough to overpower the brutality of the guitar tones.

Overall, Atticus Chimps’ debut, self-titled EP is a uniformly neat and punchy release that refuses to cut its tempo and reinforces the group’s newgrounds approach to grunge.

The group have a handful of east-coast singles to round out the year, including a set at The Zoo supporting Ash. Catch the EP stream and tour dates below.

Atticus Chimps Live Dates

Currumbin Pub, Gold Coast
The Zoo, Brisbane
Brighton Up Bar, Sydney
Whole Lotta Love, Melbourne

Written by Jake Wilton