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PREMIERE: Drape Yourself In Stunning ’90s Synth-Pop With Au Dré’s ‘End Up Alone’

Get ready to dance the pain away on Au Dré’s gorgeous new ballad, End Up Alone. Draped in ’90s synth and revelling and an unrequited love, the duo touch on something incredibly austere. Rather than relying on nostalgia, they, instead, push their respective genre forward with future-proof production efforts and a voice that is nearly unbreakable. AAA Backstage has the exclusive premiere of End Up Alone before its release tomorrow.

Au Dré is made up of Audrey Powne of The Do Ya Thangs and James Bowers who also lends his talents to Sex on Toast and The Vaudeville Smash. With funk and R’n’B rooted deep in their DNA, Au Dré layer and build their music so effortlessly giving off an avant-garde approach to synth-laden soul. End Up Alone is the lead single the duo’s impending sophomore EP release, ‘More Is More’.

I will forever give thanks to bands who place as much emphasis on the bass guitar as possible. Here, Au Dré gives some much more bouncy context to their ’90s gospel ballad. The production is a clear standout—hitting you in the face with slap bass, epic synth brass hats and soaring organ parts subtly in the back of the mix. Singer and trumpeter, Audrey Powne, has a voice like none other. And once that key change whips in, Au Dré mean business. It’s impulsive, sensual and liberating synth-pop.

Lyrically, the track speaks of a break from a toxic relationship—one of endless booty calls from someone who claims to care about you.

I think there are a lot of songs about unrequited love… The worst kind of love which I am all too familiar with but not so many about the feeling when unrequited love ends and the empowering feeling when you realise you’re over it and you’re still alive,” states Powne.

At the moment there are no shows planned for the group, however, we’ll let you know if that changes. In the meantime, stream the unbridled beauty of End Up Alone below.

Written by Jake Wilton