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PREMIERE: Bananas, Kebabs, & Doll Heads A-Plenty in Dangerpenny’s “Hullabaloo” Video


Brisbane Punk-grunge outfit Dangerpenny are getting the band back together in their larrikin music video for Hullabaloo. It’s no ‘Blues Brothers’ reference though, as the band channel their best aesthetically 90s alt-rock in this fish-eye time warp.

Seemingly separated by a big night, the band are on a quest to get together to go to their big show, after waking up in a mess of different places. Driving around Brisbane with a time limit, the band members find themselves in a horse stable, skating down the street, in a church yard, and in a banana suit under a cardboard box in an industrial facility, respectively.

Once the gang are all in the band van heading to the gig, live footage of the band playing at much-loved Brisbane venue The Zoo caps off the fast-paced clip.

The track itself shares the high-energy vibe of the video, sounding like a musical lovechild of a hazy menage a trois between Dune Rats, DZ Deathrays and The Bennies. Trashy, thrashy, and fun, the song doesn’t let up from the get-go, and you know that there would be a mosh or two will kick off from the opening chords. The guitar lines are riding high on distortion and a lo-fi quality, giving them a jangling sound in verses, but a full powerful effect in choruses.

The rhythm section of the band are powering along at 110%, with both the bass and the drums driving the song forward at a blistering pace. Vocally, the messy lyricism is a perfect fit for the song’s vibe, anthemic and without any finesse that would be impossible to recreate from the floor of a moshpit with a hairy guy named Rick helping you up.

Dangerpenny are a Brissie quartet that came together over their love of alternative music, and are aiming to channel everything 90s. They want to create music that breeds “rage, rebellion, love, and passion”.

Check out the video for Hullabaloo and thier upcoming shows below!

Dangerpenny Live Dates

Fat Louie’s, Brisbane
The Back Room, Brisbane
Brightside, Brisbane

Written by Max Higgins