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PREMIERE: Bayview Terrace Break Indietronica Stasis With ‘Are U Listening’

Bayview Terrace

Indietronica is in an intrepid and fun new stasis. Last week we got the fiery trip wire electronica of Machine Club and last year Nocturnal Tapes blew us away with their arena-sized live show. Brisbane has spawned Bayview Terrace—a retro-inspired electro-pop duo who found their footing with debut single, My House. Now the band have expanded their pop melodies and deepened those bass fills on their returning track, Are U Listening. AAA Backstage has the exclusive premiere before its release later this week.

Comprised of Guy Stacey and Ryan Stewart, Bayview Terrance is young, fresh-faced and ready to take the world by storm. Budding ideas and hitting some big live stages since their inception, the duo have now found their calling thanks to this new jam. Though the electro-pop landscape is, more-or-less, overcrowded, Bayview Terrace stand out from the rest by finding a small niche in the sonics.

Taking a page from the Holy Bible of RUFUS, Bayview Terrace infuses pop and pounding electronica near perfectly. Are U Listening holds some vivid production and soaring hooks that burrow deep under the skin. Both the vocals and the accompanying production is sleek and clean—oh so shiny in delivery as those plodding synth lines mesh so well with the avant-garde style bass. Simply, Are U Listening is an intrinsic sonic approach to minimal dance music draped in experimental indie-pop vibes that is an enchanting listen from beginning to end.

Are U Listening is a raw expression of the duo’s passion to create—to fold ideas into their musical passion and express it in an energetic and fun avenue. The lyrics explore the internal conflict of being unable to leave a toxic situation. Are U Listening draws upon their varying influences to create a powerful track that will be sure to move audiences—physically and spiritually.

With a handful of gigs under their belt, Bayview Terrace are ready to tackle the festival scene. Lucky enough they’ll be playing one of the better boutique electronic festivals in the scene, Arcadia. Catch their touring itinerary below as well as the exclusive stream of Are U Listening below.

Bayview Terrace Live Dates

Arcadia Festival, Goomburra Valley

Written by Jake Wilton