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PREMIERE: Blended Generations Is Jazz Music’s New Poster Group

Blended Generations is comprised of the musical force of Roger Price and Ola Milena. The duo make smooth and soulful jazz music that is underpinned with near perfect instrumentation and poetic lyrical phrases. Together, the band has made a stunning collection of songs that bleed and blend life experience with thought provoking sympathies. AAA Backstage is pleased to present the first listen of Blended Generations’ debut EP, ‘Hope Sweet’ before its official release.

‘Hope Sweet’ is two years in the making for this pair of musicians. A daring first entry into the cut throat industry of jazz music, but Blended Generations don’t rest on their laurels; nor their contemporaries. There’s enough diversity in their crafted tunes to keep them head and shoulders above the rest. Byron Bay Bluesfest, enough sitting on your hands and jump on these guys right now.

The duo’s masterful musicalities shine the brightest on EP highlight, Another Guise. The progressive and dynamic key and tempo shifts allow this track to be Blended Generation’s opus—a moniker for their continued orchestration of delightfully breezy and clever jazz music.

Blended Generations have kindly provided a track-by-track of the ‘Hope Sweet’ EP. Dive deep into their world, blend into their headspace and take a load off your mind with their genius tunes. The group will also be launching the EP in none other than Richmond’s finest jazz establishment, Dizzy’s in November. More details of the lunch show to come—keep locked to their socials, in the meantime.

Channel of Contentment

Aimed at the sad or dispirited, this sets the scene for the tracks that follow. Hope is seen as the roadmap for a journey; not in the pursuit of ‘happiness’, but rather in seeking ‘contentment’. There is no final destination; instead, achieving a state of being through which the continuing voyage through life becomes easier to negotiate.

Searching for Perfection

This song began Roger’s and Ola’s collaboration. During its development the general theme of ‘hope’ started to emerge. Here the singer looks for a hopeful outcome as she outlines the unrealistic ideas of the person she loves, and reflects how easily they could be resolved.

Another Guise

Although the death of a loved one is a sad time, this very personal song suggests it doesn’t need to extinguish hope. While grief is an integral part of the human experience, in the broader context of Life it may be transformative; even life affirming.

Hope Sings

Alexander Pope famously said: “Hope springs eternal in the human breast…” This song equates hope with positivity, contrasting it with negative emotions, and highlighting the peace that results.

That Really Isn’t Me

At times we may put our true feelings aside to please another person. And that could be appropriate. But later we may decide we are sacrificing a part of us that is just too fundamental to our own existence and we are not prepared to continue. Or, as in this song, that realisation may be thrust upon us.

Rely on Love

Appropriately, Hope Sweet climaxes with an upbeat melody and lyrics. Hope and joy collide to create an explosion of love – which is “what real life is made of”.

Blended Generations Live Dates

SUN 26 NOV – 6PM
Dizzy’s Jazz Club, Richmond

Written by Jake Wilton