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Premiere: Bollard Challenge Guy Ritchie In ‘Windows’ Video

Ever watched a Guy Ritchie film and thought, “Man, the music in this movie is epic!” Yes? Then enter Melbourne grunge rockers Bollard who, today, are releasing their shiny new video for single Windows. AAA Backstage are pleased to share the exclusive premiere.

The opening scene kicks off with an exciting ride as the main character can’t open the door of his car and is car jacked! As Windows crashes in, you’re thrown into one of those classic Ritchie-style films as a chase ensues. Filmed on the streets of Melbourne, the chase scene takes you in-and-out of car angles with the carjacker then chasing down another car in what seems to be a completely different storyline. 

In a twist of fate, the car chase ends up on the very same street that the original car jack takes place. The two cars zoom past the carjacking victim with him then finding an abandoned vehicle and the car key on the driver’s seat. Swiftly ending, the video leaves the next scene up to you for decide what happens next.

A very interesting short, fast and loud video to accompany a great short, fast, loud tune—much like a classic cult comedy film you don’t wanna look away from to find out what happens next. Check it out below!

Bollard have a brand new record out now which you can get HERE.

Written by Chris Lamaro