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Premiere: Cedarsmoke Return With New Single, ‘Goodnight Marianne’ + Announce New Album

Meanjin/Brisbane outfit, Cedarsmoke will this week reveal their new single, Goodnight Marianne. Taken from their forthcoming sophomore album, The Great & The Terrible, we bring you the very first spin of the new track.

Brimming with an irresistible vitality and irresistible melodies, Goodnight Marianne unveils Jon Cloumassis’ remarkable talent for crafting indelible and relatable musical compositions. Embarking on its journey with a lone acoustic guitar, the song gently embraces the listener, creating an atmosphere of heartfelt intimacy. As the music surges forward, it blossoms into a high-octane rock anthem, enveloping the senses with a full-band fervor. Drawing inspiration from the spirited rock ‘n’ roll era of the 1950s, the track’s doo-wop chord progression imparts a nostalgic charm to the quivering melodies, inviting a flood of cherished memories from the past.

Building upon their previous triumphs, which include the widely acclaimed Into The Wild World, Cedarsmoke stands at the precipice of expanding their vast repertoire with the highly anticipated release of The Great & The Terrible. This album encompasses a rich tapestry of twelve diverse tracks that showcase Cedarsmoke’s distinctive blend of musical ingenuity and lyrical prowess. Seamlessly traversing genres, the band effortlessly oscillates between vibrant indie-rock anthems, tender acoustic folk ballads, and captivating piano-driven compositions. The Great & The Terrible delves deep into the intricate nuances of navigating life’s ever-changing landscape, fearlessly exploring the enigmatic nature of transformation and the trials it entails.

“‘The Great & The Terrible’ is an exploration of change in all its forms and manifestations. Throughout the album, characters are introduced when they are in a state of change, whether it’s beginnings or endings. Inspired by, and deriving its name from The Wizard of Oz, the album intersperses allusions and references to the story’s characters, scenes and famous locations.  

After our eclectic debut album, I wanted to make something that was more cohesive. As a result, ‘The Great & The Terrible’ features a select orchestra of instruments and tones in the guise of 1970’s folk-rock. Sonically influenced by classic albums, Blonde On Blonde and Born To Run, the songs have lyrical and folk cores that are minimally embellished with a select few instruments such as piano, acoustic guitars, organs, pedal steel, and harmonica.” – Cedarsmoke.

Goodnight Marianne is a wonderful single to introduce the forthcoming album and cements Cedarsmoke further as an incredible songwriting outfit. The new single is available tomorrow with the album available July 14.

Written by John Zebra