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Premiere: Charlie Lane Reveals Accompanying Video for Her New Single, ‘Gold Drips’

This week Melbourne singer-songwriter Charlie Lane is set to reveal her brand-new indie-pop gem, Gold Drips alongside the accompanying video and today we’re stoked to share with you the very first viewing of the video.

Immersing herself in a world of opulence and shimmering aesthetics for the Gold Drip music video, Charlie Lane collaborated closely with press photographer Marcus Coblyn to breathe life into the visual narrative. What might appear deceptively simple at first glance is, in fact, a testament to Lane’s boundless creativity and the seamless weaving of meaningful elements. The inception of the Gold Drip video traces back to casual iced coffee brainstorming sessions, eventually leading to the serendipitous encounter with a gold-themed airstream, adding an unexpected layer of allure and cohesion to the visual storytelling.

“At first I really struggled to come up with a concept for the clip as I wrote the song quite a few years back, and it has definitely changed its meaning to me over that time. I knew that I didn’t want it to be overly complex and that there was definitely going to be a gold theme going on, so I pushed hard on that one! I was really lucky that I had Marcus onboard as he is super validating and full of ideas. After our “meeting”, which was an iced coffee and hang out at Edinburgh gardens because that’s how you get shit done, I went home and contacted my friends from high school Tarryn and her husband Tim. I knew they had a brass decor airstream for hire at their business lagoon locations and then ideas started flowing.” Charlie Lane.

In the gilded tapestry of Charlie Lane’s Gold Drip, the accompanying music video emerges as a visual symphony, skillfully translating the song’s essence into a captivating narrative. With its seamless blend of simplicity, creativity, and a touch of serendipity, the Gold Drip video not only enhances the auditory experience but elevates the entire artistic expression.



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