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PREMIERE: Consumer Group’s Debut ‘Market Fair’ Is An Exercise In Psych Patience

Consumer Group

Getting just a little tired of Kurt Vile’s drawling and dawdling indie-rock schtick? Consumer Group is here to reinvigorate your love for the slow-motion psych-rock that’s become somewhat complacent in the market. AAA Backstage has the exclusive premiere of their debut single, Market Fair.

For a debut single, Consumer Group’s wonder and wisdom for crafting a psychedelic masterpiece is out of this world. The three-piece builds an entire universe around Market Fair—one that’s incredibly textural, focussed and glimmering in feverous sonics. Through all the guitar effects and colourful antics remains a spacious and self-aware human element—something that’s crucial to cosmic, becalmed psych music.

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The group—made up of Zedekai (singer/guitarist), Jayden (bass) and Alex (drums)—met while at uni and bonded over their mutual appreciation for music and art.

“A lot of the performance space is personal branding and virtue signalling, which I’m not very good at, we just want to make some good art,” explains Zedekai.

As the track unfurls, so does Consumer Group’s exercise in patience. The billowing rise and falls of the song’s exchange between acoustic refrain and harmonic, psychedelic swirls are incredibly rewarding. What’s more impressive is that the interactive melody remains untouched as it seemingly becomes untied by the assuming kaleidoscopic movements.

Stream Market Fair below.

Written by Jake Wilton