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Premiere: Death By Denim Are Kings Of The Sprawl On EP, ‘Suburban Royalty’

Self-described as, “denim jackets and chilled vibes,” you’re assured for a good time when Perth four-piece Death By Denim come on the stereo. Consider this indie-rock group as a smelting pot of tantilising, chilled and, at the same time, raucous rock skills. Death By Denim have given AAA Backstage a first listen of their new EP, ‘Suburban Royalty’ before its release.

I’ll get the obvious out of the way–there’s a devilish Red Hot Chili Peppers influence in Death By Denim’s music, particularly in the stylised vocals. The band take this in their stride, but instantly differentiate themselves thanks to their clever output of engaging rock and anecdotal storytelling.

Death By Denim’s definition of intensity takes a new meaning for this EP. The group take a more calculated and driving vigour to their power, giving them the ability to experiment and evolve.

Georgia, Grace, the EP’s centerpiece, dictates extreme versatility in the band’s music prowess. Stripping a few elements back to their core, the end result is a crawling rock track that ignites the band’s royalty status. The EP’s highlight comes from its closer, and aptly named, Death By Denim. There’s something that’s always appealed to me when bands break the fourth wall and understand their own obscurity. Be it Wavves’ Wavves from his album ‘Wavves’, or DZ Deathrays shouting “Deathray” on Rad Solar to indicate their concurrent name change. This self-titled track appears as the band’s most indicative of their own sound and is easily their best and most resolute track.

I fell in love with Arctic Monkeys’ debut album thanks to its daring simplicity and aptitude in defying a few establishments. Death By Denim’s ‘Suburban Royalty’ doesn’t necessarily rest its laurels on this formula, but it does repurpose it to a smaller, more endearing state of success.

Feeling spry and ready to tackle the mosh pit for Death By Denim’s show launching ‘Suburban Royalty’? They’ll be playing Perth this weekend. Scope the details below along with the full EP stream.

Death By Denim Live Dates

Amplifier Capitol, Perth

Written by Jake Wilton