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Premiere: Duxie Franklin Reveals Enchanting New Single ‘Lucky Charm’

This week marks the exciting debut of Lucky Charm, the latest single and music video from talented Melbourne singer-songwriter Duxie Franklin. Today, we’re thrilled to present an exclusive premiere of this dynamic new track, offering you the first glimpse and listen to what promises to be a standout in Duxie’s repertoire.

Lucky Charm captivates from its opening notes, weaving a canvas of playful melodies and an infectious upbeat ambience. The song radiates brightness, enriched with quirky elements that contribute to its distinct and engaging character. Duxie Franklin’s vocals are the cherry on top, infusing the track with a lively and sparky energy that will undoubtedly have you tapping your toes.

“Lucky Charm was written about a person who comes into your life and makes you feel amazing – like you can do anything! You suddenly gain this unsinkable confidence and a ridiculously fun YOLO kind of outlook.  If you listen to the lyrics at the start of the verses, you’ll see that the narrator was previously quite conservative and tentative, not the type “to be caught with a ticket for the fight”.

My day-to-day imagination is wildly active and features many fictional characters who come and go; they have their own unique backstories and personalities. When I first laid eyes on ‘Frederick the Fluffy’ from Cirque Mystique, I fell in love with his expressiveness and knew that he had to be the centrepiece of the ‘Lucky Charm’ music video. Freddie so perfectly embodied all the silly fun and naïve enthusiasm of the song and was very much a character that would fit right at home amongst the storylines in my head. I came up with a variety of situations for him to be in as he roamed around the park, trying to make friends with anyone and everyone, with mostly limited success.  

The day of filming featured typical Melbourne weather which alternated between classic drizzle and promising bursts of sunshine between the clouds. It was a bit challenging for my cast and the film crew, being fully outdoors with no shelter and operating on the good ol’ indie musicians’ shoe-string budget; but that also added to the charm (no pun intended…or maybe it was? Haha). To everyone’s credit, we pushed on and I am really delighted with the finished product and can’t wait for everyone to see it!” – Duxie Franklin.

Lucky Charm is a vibrant and captivating musical journey that leaves listeners enchanted and eagerly awaiting more from the talented Duxie Franklin. The single and video are available from tomorrow but you can listen and view right here exclusively today.

Written by Chris Lamaro