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Premiere: Eamonn Conor Reveals His New Single, ‘If You Were Mine’

Melbourne-based indie-pop artist Eamonn Conor will this week reveal his timeless new single, If You Were Mine. This new jam follows on from his previous 2022 hit, Table 17 and today we have the joy of bringing you the very first spin!

Eamonn Conor’s captivating new release is more than just a song—it’s an electrifying invitation to embrace the power of unity, delight, and liberation. With each infectious beat and soul-stirring melody, Conor weaves a sonic tapestry that beckons listeners to shed their reservations and immerse themselves in the euphoria. By surrendering to the rhythmic pulse, one can experience a profound sense of connection and an exhilarating escape from the ordinary, as the music gracefully lifts their spirits to soaring heights.

“If You Were Mine invites individuals to immerse themselves in the moment and embrace the joy of dance, serving as a reminder that music has the ability to unite people and bring them closer, transcending any boundaries that may exist.” – Eamonn Connor.

If You Were Mine is taken from his forthcoming EP, Last Chance Romance and will also feature Table 17, amongst other unreleased tracks. Eamonn brings on a fresh and exciting sound with each of his releases and we’re excited to see what’s next. His new single, If You Were Mine, is available tomorrow, but you can listen right here exclusively today.

Written by Chris Lamaro