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PREMIERE: Folia Luxuriate A New Dream-Pop Authority On ‘Maybe (I Don’t Know What Love Is)’


There’s an unbridled sense of destiny and beauty to Folia’s music. The Melbourne duo co-exist between the restless alt-pop aesthetics entwined with lashings of dream-pop. AAA Backstage are pleased to offer the exclusive stream of Maybe (I Don’t Know What Love Is) before its release tomorrow.

Amongst the plaintiff dreamscapes, Folia trace their previous knowledge of the genre and its overall context. Delving further into—especially in that brazen chorus—the group embellish memories, sensations and astonishment. Their grasp on music production is immersive. There’s plenty of moving parts to the track and requires several listens—recommended with headphones—to ascertain its wispy leviathan.

Brash with synth overlays and guitar flourishes, the song surges through crescendos and down tempo moments with ease. It’s a playful testament to both the organic and inorganic worlds of music. Claire has a voice of her own—its own kind of authority, and she luxuriates in the sound of words leaving her mouth.

While appearing almost on another planet altogether, Folia still appear grounded in their lyrics. Maybe (I Don’t Know What Love Is) speaks of one party in a relationship moving too fast and dealing with the mind games associated.

“The track is inspired by that often-awkward conversation that can happen in relationships when one person believes they are way more into, or love the other more. Despite the other person feeling like they are giving all they can, or at least ‘enough’, sometimes it just isn’t enough to convince the other person they really do love them. Hence, maybe, we don’t actually even know what love is after all”

Stream Maybe (I Don’t Know What Love Is) below.

Written by Jake Wilton