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PREMIERE: Fool Child Strip Back ‘Dance On Your Own’ To Its Raw Infancy

Fool Child

Take everything you know of Fool Child and reset it. Dance On Your Own is a whitewash on unashamed indie-rock and sun-dappled pop aesthetics. In this exclusive live video of the band, the strip the track to its absolute raw elements—showing the breadth of their talent. AAA Backstage has the premiere of the video.

Although the original version of the track is splattered with textured, intelligent trademarks, the paired back live version provides some incredible context to the already dream-laden foreground. Equipped with acoustic guitars by an afternoon sunset by The Yarra, Fool Child echo and wander their way through Dance On Your Own. Only the two founding members—Scott Harrison and Matthew Green—appear on screen, though the band’s other members can be heard through the DNA of the dynamic track.

The originality of Fool Child is on full display in the video. The duo of Harrison and Green’s kinship is a force to be reckoned with. Their harmonies intertwined so perfectly, built beneath the playfully plucked acoustic guitar. Fool Child’s roots are on full display and it doesn’t miss a beat. It’s clear testament to a song’s ingenuity due to its versatile nature. Played in its original capacity with drums, bass and interwinding guitars; or in a naked state of form, Dance On Your Own shines brightly either way.

Stream Dance On Your Own below.

Written by Jake Wilton