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Premiere: Fresh Violet Brings The A-Game With Her New Single, ‘Blade Runner’

Hailing from Naarm/Melbourne, the multi-talented artist Fresh Violet is set to drop her latest infectious single, ‘Blade Runner,’ along with an accompanying music video this week. It is our absolute pleasure to present this electrifying new track’s exclusive premiere, giving you the first taste of Fresh Violet’s dynamic musical prowess. Fresh Violet will also delight fans with the exciting news of her forthcoming sophomore album, ‘Life Of Vi,’ which is scheduled for release on October 6th, considerably building anticipation among her audience.

“Blade Runner” is an extraordinary fusion of cool, immersive fun and sheer artistic brilliance. Skillfully intertwining the nostalgic sounds of a bygone era with a contemporary sensibility, this track is an absolute delight that’s impossible not to fall head over heels for. From the first note to the closing beats, it’s an infectious bop that keeps you grooving.

“Making film clips is one of my favourite parts of being an artist. A lot of what I do is very much DIY and it’s such a great challenge for me as a musician to tackle a different medium. Blade Runner is a very playful track and it’s one of those songs that prompted a lot of images in my mind as I was writing it. I really wanted to bring them to life.” 

“Since the start of my career I’ve wanted to make a one-shot greenscreen film clip. It’s a concept that involves a huge amount of planning and lateral thinking. You have to be incredibly prepared as you only get about four goes at shooting it. Rapping, dancing and remembering every cue for 2 minutes straight is a lot of energy. If you needed more takes you’d be too dead behind the eyes to use the footage. It’s pressure!” 

“My goal was to create as many practical green screen effects as possible and then enhance it with the most ridiculous stock footage and editing effects we could possibly conceive. I had a madly specific vision for the video and I’m so grateful to my videographer Fabian Acuna – he let me be extremely hands-on with the editing and every part of the process.” – Fresh Violet.

Fresh Violet’s journey commenced in classical music, a world where tradition and rigidity reign supreme. However, her artistic spirit yearned for rebellion, leading her to venture into the vibrant landscape of Hip Hop. As she unleashed her Rap alter-ego, it didn’t take long for her to become consumed by this newfound creative passion, and the breakthrough moment arrived with the release of her 2017 single ‘Breakfast,’ propelling her into the spotlight. Fresh Violet embraced the Australian Hip Hop scene, rapidly ascending to prominence. Within three years, she achieved remarkable milestones, including releasing two EPs, a self-produced LP, and a whirlwind of seven national tours.

With her latest single ‘Blade Runner’ offering a tantalising glimpse into her evolving sound, Fresh Violet’s highly anticipated sophomore album, ‘Life Of Vi,’ set to drop on October 6th, promises to be a musical journey that fans won’t want to miss.

Written by John Zebra