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PREMIERE: Future Haunts Nail Driving Post-Rock In “Ipso Facto”

Future Haunts Article Grass

There must be something in the water up in Brisvegas ‘cause lately we’ve discovered a wealth of awesome new bands hailing from the Sunshine State’s capital. New kids on the block Future Haunts are “neither spooky nor futuristic”, but they make up for a conflicting name by crafting some pretty sweet post-rock tunes.

Their latest single Ipso Facto is a driving rock number that blends a pretty gloomy vocal melody with upbeat rhythms held together by irresistible drumming. Think Interpol, but if they decided to perform during the day and wore board shorts instead of suits…

The track will be an instant winner with those who love a crackin’ rock tune, but there’s also enough brooding taking place in the instrumental breaks for those who like rock but think dancing’s overrated to sink their teeth into. The lead guitar part with a guitar tone similar to ol’ skool Arctic Monkeys after the second chorus will surely win over any doubters.

Recorded at The John Steele Singers Plutonium Studios, Future Haunts say Ipso Facto is based around the idea of the modern day witch-hunt.

“[We] took stock of recent events and [drew] comparisons and similarities with the witch hunts of old. It’s a look through the eyes from the perspective of one of the ‘hunters’ and is about how small ideas can snowball into a mob mentality”, said Future Haunts.

The band’s previous single Devon Loch delivered a pumping indie-rock track tied together by a killer guitar riff and a smooth layered arrangement, and to quote ourselves the track’s catchy lyrics are “the icing on this indie-rock cupcake”.

Future Haunts started as a project between guitarist/vocalist Ben Speight and bassist Daniel Sergiacomi, making bedroom demos in a Taringa share house. After second guitarist Tom Lindeman (also the guitarist in Good Boy) was recruited the band started playing house parties and refining their sound.

Even though they’re relatively new to the scene, Future Haunts have already supported fellow quality Brisbane outfits Mid Ayr, Good Boy, and Born Joy Dead. With the release of new single Ipso Facto expect the trio to announced a couple of shows very soon…