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PREMIERE: Future Jr. Stunning Debut Single “Tell Me That I’m Wrong”

Future Jr Press Shot

For most artists, nailing their first effort is a pretty tall ask. Add some personal demons to the mix and you’re likely to release something that falls short of the mark. But Future Jr, the project of 22-year-old Brisbane musician Mathew Nainby, has defied the odds with the release of his debut single Tell Me That I’m Wrong, a mature electronic offering full of dreamy soundscapes and relatable lyricism.

Beginning with a smooth soundscape led by high-pitched chimes, the track slowly builds its groove through suave finger-clicks and booming bass. With its simple melody and immersive beat the chorus is a true earworm, and will leave you humming “Tell me that I’m wrong” in your head for the rest of the day.

However, the true magic of the song happens at the end of the second verse, where the introduction of sporadic clean guitar makes way for a surge in vocal harmonies followed by a beautiful ambient breakdown.

Tell Me That I’m Wrong manages to showcase the amazing production skills of the young artist while at the same time leaves plenty of space for his fluid vocals and super smooth use of guitar.

Lyrically, the song’s inward reflection will hit home for many as Nainby expresses how many of us feel when nothing’s going your way, no matter how hard you try: “You’ve got a pocket full of rain that just keeps on giving/Not to mention a mouth that self proclaims it’s wise”.

Mastered by legend Greg Calbi (Tame Impala, The Staves, and Bon Iver), Nainby said he wanted to create a track that connects with people on an emotional level while giving them something to groove to.

“I wanted to create a really dynamic and dreamy sound that you can get lost in ­ that still hits hard when it counts. This track is really a personification of a brutal seven months I went through last year.

“The core of the song was based around this pretty intense time when I started to realise I had to face a lot of the demons in my own closet, ones that I had been hiding from for a long time.

“It’s more of a song to myself than anyone else. For me, [the song] signifies the power of accepting your shortfalls in order to make room for better things,” said Nainby.

Tell Me That I’m Wrong is the perfect taster for Future Jr’s upcoming debut EP, set for release later in the year. Check out the single below!