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PREMIERE: Gamjee Make Scorching Fuzz-Rock With Debut Single, ‘Monday In Bed’

Gamjee may just be the cutest music story to come out of Melbourne this year. A family of five, this fuzz-rock family has been prepping the arrival of Gamjee since infancy. Their debut single, Monday In Bed, is a total blaster of an introduction to the group and AAA Backstage are pleased to offer the exclusive first stream of the single before its release.

Taking cues from the fuzz-rock lineage of California—from the likes of Fuzz, Thee Oh Sees and basically anything Ty Segall touches—Gamjee reneges the overbearing King Gizzard influence in every new garage band you hear these days into something way more detailed, diverse and down-right epic. Their guitar tones are chunky and powerful, moved along by the screeching vocals of Sam. The track dips-and-weaves like any good sun-dappled garage rock jam—it traverses different universes in its four-minute run time.

Speaking of alternating universes, Monday In Bed flips and changes through key changes and tempo shifts; the most important and visceral being mid-way through the track when the guitars become near impossible to decipher from each other. A hypnotic and whirring guitar line takes control with its gut-punching power built on top of the already pounding crushing fuzz.

There’s a difference in their approach. Although it may not be at the forefront of the mix, Gamjee’s extra flourish in musicality comes in the form of the members’ diversity in instrumentation. Past the ugly guitar tones and hexagonal drum patterns, comes Lily with her added panache in percussion and a kazoogelhorn. A kazoo that Lily has modified and altered to sound foreign and unknown. No matter what, this needs to be seen in the flesh.

Monday In Bed is also the first taster to the band’s upcoming EP release titled, ‘Crooked’. Akin to the group’s single artwork and overall presentation, there’s an undeniable psychedelic and nuance to their look and feel. Gamjee hit on something untouched and pristine, then aim to muddy it all up.

Gamjee will be unleashing the power of Monday In Bed at the Tote next month with very special guests Zombitches, Tram Cops and Dexy Oscillator—gig details HERE. Scope the date below along with the first, exclusive stream of the single.

Gamjee Live Dates

The Tote, Melbourne

Written by Jake Wilton