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PREMIERE: He Danced Ivy Are Victims Of Voodoo In “The Verbal Kind” Video


Brisbane’s heavy scene has been kicking some serious ass lately. Since Violent Soho achieved national acclaim with ‘Hungry Ghost’ there’s been new energy floating around the city’s various distortion-loving haunts. Younger bands like Columbus, The Brave, and now He Danced Ivy, are set to be the next big things on the national heavy scene!

Coffs Harbour-raised but now Brisbane-based heavy hitters He Danced Ivy are about to unleash their debut album ‘The Verbal Kind’, but before they do they’ve dropped the impressive music video for the title track.

The music video sees the band playfully deliver The Verbal Kind draped in ivy while trying to look after each other as they’re secretly tormented by voodoo magic. They smash their way through the song while being burnt, brutalised, tied together, electrocuted, half-drowned, and their limbs contorted. It eventually ends with the quartet lying (half?) dead on a bed of ivy, you kind of feel sorry for them!

The Verbal Kind itself is a hard-hitting melting pot of rock, prog, and pop-punk. The chorus is super catchy with the dual vocals of Dave Cheney and Sean Rudner blending the right amount of emotive yelling with their impressive higher ranges, while the verse is aggressive-as-heck and held together by the sexiest of bass riffs. This song will surely melt your face off live!

The song title references the ultra-verbal kind of person whose insecurities drives them to being loud, brash, and attention seeking to impress friends.

“The main theme of the track is the struggle for individuality, and how sometimes we can break ourselves down in an attempt to belong,” says bassist Mitch Hart.

Overall this song is a puzzling masterpiece. It’s instant moshpit fodder and very catchy, but each minute showcases the band tackling a different rock and ‘core sub-genre. These guys have amazing chops, as shown by the song’s many riffs, vocal harmonies and yells, and superb use of dynamics, so honestly we can’t wait for the album!

To celebrate the release of their debut album ‘The Verbal Kind’ He Danced Ivy will take over Brisbane’s Crowbar the day the 10-track album drops, supported by AAA favs Red In Tooth and Mofoisdead. Check out The Verbal Kind video and show info below!

He Danced Ivy ‘The Verbal Kind’ Album Launch
supported by Red In Tooth & Mofoisdead

Crowbar, Brisbane
Facebook Event Page

also playing…

Banana Field Festival, Coffs Harbour