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PREMIERE: Hurst Open Mosh Pits Nation-Wide With ‘Rattle Kids’

Rattle Kids

HURST are easily the most energetic band kicking around at the moment. Hailing from Sydney, the four-piece rush a potent mix of nostalgic punk and new-form alt-rock. Following a string of singles, WhineTom and All My Friends, their latest, Rattle Kids is unhinging in its furious delivery. Rattle Kids is being premiered exclusively on AAA Backstage before its official release later this week.

Right from the get go, HURST’s Rattle Kids had my hair standing up on the back of my neck and my head banging (as much as I could without drawing the attention from the whole office). Taking cues from the greats such as Weezer and Killing Heidi, HURST play around with genre influence rather than let it over take them. Rattle Kids, for example, sees them continue to carve their own path. They’ve seen what Alex Lahey and Tired Lion have done to build the road—HURST, on the other, stray left and right, not confirming to the straight and narrow.

The guitar tones shown off on Rattle Kids is just superb. Crunchy and hard hitting, they’ve been written to simultaneously open mosh pits around the country. Whether in your living room, bedroom or in the car, wherever you listen to HURST, you’re assured to kick up your feet. HURST also takes the Pixes’ trademarked “heavy quiet” formula and give it a spin. Instead of staying true to this ageing musical strategy, HURST keep the energy at maximum levels throughout the entirety of Rattle Kids, but also know when to let its silence speak volumes.

There’s some big things on the horizon for this group. In the past, they’ve played support to Kingswood and Fuel from the States and they’ve showcased at Australian Music Week. Give it some time, but soon enough HURST will be warming up festivals across the country—building up that first sweat and dirtying up those “festival shoes”.

HURST will be taking Rattle Kids on the road through April and May hitting Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane. Be sure to catch them while their hot, fresh and young and hear the exclusive stream of Rattle Kids below.

HURST Live Dates

The Hideaway Bar, Sydney
Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney
Lass O’ Gowrie, Newcastle
Rics Bar, Brisbane

Written by Jake Wilton