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PREMIERE: James Halloran Drops Killer “Deciduous Boy” Video

James Halloran press

Described as a “liminal being, vivid in intuitive catharsis”, James Halloran is several years deep in creative pursuits, and if you’re yet to make his acquaintance, the Deciduous Boy music video is a good place to start. With his debut solo EP set to drop later this year, Halloran has asserted himself as one to watch in 2016.

Deciduous Boy opens with a frolicking piano melody and playful percussion marching along in the background. Using his warm, mild mid-range, Halloran carries the words with great care through the verses,  brushing gently over his clever little rhymes – “There’s nothing as romantic as being so pedantic”. With a sound like Jake Morley with just a touch of Phil Hancock‘s quirkiness, the verse contrasts to the driving guitar and drum beats of the chorus, but never leads Halloran astray from his unique musical style.

The Deciduous Boy video is an artistic compilation of clips, chopping from a warm, inviting dinner party to the man himself alone in forest, leaning against a tree and staring wistfully into the sky. With a house party as the next destination, every possible setting for a conventional love story is explored, but the video is far from ordinary.

Things take an interesting turn when Halloran spikes the party punch with a sinister green liquid and the other guests begin to spontaneously die. It’s not only a delightfully dramatic and unexpected plot twist, but also a perfect opportunity for Halloran to show off some serious acting skills.

James Halloran is set to release his debut solo EP ‘HIM’ in October. In the meantime, check out his Deciduous Boy video below!

James Halloran Him

Written by Jess Martyn