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PREMIERE: Julia Johnson Stuns Again With ‘Collarbone’

After stunning the world with her debut, solo single Melissa, released not too far back, Julia Johnson is ready to shimmer and shake again on her uplifting new track, Collarbone. AAA Backstage is pleased to offer the exclusive premiere before its release this Friday.

Some background, for those unaware. Johnson emerged to national acclaim after winning a triple j Unearthed competition. The prize? A songwriting masterclass from none other than Adalita and Gotye. Since then, her solo career has bloomed into something far more audacious than she could have imagined. Johnson is also the band leader and main producer for her band, Julia and The Deep Sea Sirens, which spawned two full-length albums.

On Collarbone, Johnson appears vulnerable, but never weak. Her ethereal voice lifts throughout the entire song. Antiquated, but never diminished, Johnson’s vocals are a formidable, essential part to her music. They excrete blooded confrontation, evil cunning, haunted falsetto, and forlorn laments—acting as an instrument itself.

Not to mention the transgressive instrumentation, which never undermines Johnson’s vocals, merely enhances. At Collarbone‘s highest moments, Johnson’s vocals and folk-inspired instrumentation appear almost at one with each other—they build, cascade and languish together, musically. Splashes of droning guitars, frolicking piano lines and splashes of moody percussion, Collarbone is absolutely a headphone listen. Monumentally, they take Johnson in exciting new directions previously unknown—she doesn’t play it safe, either.

This winter, Julia Johnson will be spreading herself far and wide for four shows across the country. Be sure to check her out a gig and catch the exclusive premiere of Collarbone below.

Julia Johnson Live Dates

Upstairs at Fred’s, Camden
The Street Theatre, Canberra
The Wesley Anne, Melbourne
107 Projects, Sydney

Written by Jake Wilton