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Premiere: KEL Reveals Stirring New Single, ‘We Would’ve Been Fine’

This week marks an exciting milestone for Sydney’s own Kel, as he unveils his daring new single, “We Would’ve Been Fine.” As anticipation builds, we’re thrilled to offer you an exclusive premiere of this captivating track.

In this Indie Pop sensation, Kel expertly guides listeners through the tumultuous landscape of youthful romance, heartache, and ultimately, transcendence. With raw emotion and lyrical finesse, Kel delves deep into the complexities of love, weaving a narrative that resonates with authenticity and vulnerability.

“The song touches on the challenges of ending a relationship, with the looming thoughts of how easy it could have been if we acted differently. The lyrics delve into the ‘What-ifs’ and ‘What-could-have-been’ of relationships and young romance.” – KEL.

Get ready to immerse yourself in Kel’s distinctive sound and powerful storytelling as he takes you on a journey through, We Would’ve Been Fine. It’s available tomorrow but you can listen right here today!

Written by John Zebra