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Premiere: LAVELIN Reveals Dynamic New Single, ‘Addicted’

This week, indie-pop, LAVELIN, will reveal her new single, Addicted, and today, we have the very first listen to share with you.

Known for her captivating dark fantasy music, LAVELIN has crafted a seductive and intoxicating track that beckons listeners into a mesmerising world of allure and mystery. With its 80s-style synth and drum machines, Addicted takes us on a nostalgic journey back in time, while the accompanying music video, transports us into an eerie retro dream.

The juxtaposition of a divine, dark atmosphere with hyper-feminine imagery creates an unsettling yet captivating experience that perfectly complements the song’s coquettish seduction tone.

Directed by a talented creative team, the music video captures a sense of timelessness, weaving together fairy lights and natural filming environments to evoke a mystical allure.

“Originally the music video was going to be on roller skates, however with the brutal summer rains and my apparent lack of coordination we ended up throwing those plans out the window and getting creative as a team on the spot to shoot the film.”LAVELIN.

Lavelin promises to leave listeners spellbound, enraptured by its haunting melodies and captivating visuals. Addicted is available Thursday but you can listen and watch right here today.

Written by John Zebra