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PREMIERE: Let Us Praise TRAILS With New Single, ‘Shiva’

Beginning as a performance moniker for multi-instrumentalist Tyler Shilling and accomplished guitarist Daniel Booth, TRAILS is now in its final transformation as a five-piece live group. Calling Brisbane home, the group have tailored their own dense and ambient sound to something highly extraordinary with Shiva. TRAILS have been kind enough to share the single exclusively with AAA Backstage before its release.

Believe it or not, Shiva is the first single from TRAILS to be written as an entirely collaborative effort from all five members. For long time fans of the group, Shiva appears as the band’s true incarnate–virtuous and fully rounded psych-rock that pulls no punches.

On our first release EP Ø, the songs were an accumulation of tracks written and recorded by myself and Dan (lead guitarist) over the previous 2 years,” informs Shilling.

We have been growing together as a band since then and we are in a more communal place now where we can share ideas freely together. It’s enabled us to really get down to the core of the tracks we’ve been writing, and allowed our individual identities to shine through.

Reading the liner notes of the single and stumbling across Konstantin Kersting’s–of the Belligerents–name, it made complete sense. Kersting, along with the band themselves, aided in production duties for Shiva and it’s allowed the group to truly expound their heavy psychedelic side. Considering TRAILS’ proclivity for switching up ideas and genres from song-to-song, it’s invigorating to understand their journey at arriving with Shiva.

Woozy and arpeggiated, Shiva pounds along into a delicious concoction of swirling psych. As the crunchy guitars go beat-for-beat, it’s the ingenious, Foals-like, high-toned guitar twangs that allows Shiva to dilute into its true psychedelic nature. A song that’s built for the studio, it already shows immediate transparency for the live stage.

Ready to hold nothing back, TRAILS launch Shiva at the Zoo in Brisbane this week! Show details below along with the full stream of the single.

TRAILS Live Dates

The Zoo, Brisbane

Written by Jake Wilton