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PREMIERE: Luke Seymoup Gives His Top 10 Wrestling Entrance Themes With New Single, ‘Scrw Flandrs’

It’s been a long and fruitful road for Melbourne-based punk act, Luke Seymoup. Hailing from his debut album, ‘The Professional’, new single, Scrw Flandrs, Luke Seymoup puts the ‘spring’ in Springfield. Here’s the kicker, though, beside being a true testament to ’90s punk rock with a masterclass in DIY ethics, Luke Seymoup is also a wrestling enthusiast.

Ever wondered what it’d really be like to enter the ring; thousands of adoring fans screaming your name, whether you’re the heel or face—in wrestling, meaning the antagonist and the good guy, respectively. Scrw Flandrs is written to be an entrance theme to the next big wrestling name; something Luke Seymoup has seemingly dreamt of for some time.

Without further adieu, Luke Seymoup presents his top 10 wrestling entrance themes:

Sami Zayn – “Worlds Apart”
Sami Zayn just seems like the kind of person I’d like to hang out with. Always smiling. Always wearing Against Me! or Rancid t-shirts. I’m sure we’d have a lot to talk about. I played in Ska bands when I was younger. I love “whoa-oh” choruses. I love trumpets. “Worlds Apart” makes me want to jump up and run around the living room with the same level of enthusiasm Sami has.

Big E Langston – “I Can’t Keep Still”

I love Big E. He’s exceptionally good at what he does and he seems to have a sense of humour about himself. You never would have heard this theme song though unless you’ve watched his early days back on NXT. This was the theme he debuted with. That opening declaration of “I’m a soldier, yeah, I told ya” says everything you need to know about Big E and the track just bangs from start to finish. Once he debuted on the main roster, he was given the inferior “I Need Five”. We get it, Johnston, he pins people for a 5-count, not a 3-count. We don’t need to keep hearing it.

NWO Wolfpac – “Wolfpac”
Rumour has it that Kevin Nash really wanted to use the song “Burn” by Rap-group Militia as Wolfpac’s entrance theme. They couldn’t get the rights to it so, in true 90s WCW fashion, they ripped the beat off so blatantly that it’s amazing they never got sued for it. I’ve listened to “Burn” and it’s not as good as this. As the self-professed “Badman” of Folk-Punk, I can’t help but love a song that claims the Wolfpac are the “Bad Boys of Wrestling.” The Wolfpac make their intentions clear: if you turn your back on them, you MIGHT end up in a bodybag. It’s not definite but it’s highly likely.

Gangrel/The Brood – “Blood”
I have a special relationship with this song. It’s a little known fact that I like to put this song on when I’m walking down the street at night. I don’t usually have headphones with me so my neighbours have probably heard me play this song on the way to and from the supermarket down the road about a thousand times. I like to think that some day a car will slow down and someone will lean out to ask: “Hey, man, is that the Brood theme?” to which I’ll respond: “Yeah it is!” We’ll high five and they’ll go on their way. This song rules.

Shane MacMahon – Here Comes The Money

Shane MacMahon is Vince MacMahon’s son. Vince MacMahon is the boss. The boss has the money. Therefore, the boss’ son must have money too. This is the kind of flawless logic that gave birth to this song. Shane O’Mac is the kind of person that would probably never need to put his body through the kind of hell that he has if he didn’t want to. He’s jumped off a lot of big things and onto a lot of trashcans. He’s very entertaining and he deserves a song this good.

Shinsuke Nakamura – The Rising Sun

Have you listened to this song? You might have heard it but have you LISTENED to it!? It’s a thing of beauty. Shinsuke Nakamura is a superstar. Everything about him oozes confidence and charisma in a way that you can’t look away from. “The Rising Sun” is a huge track that feels as big as his personality. I went to NXT live in Melbourne last year and the whole crowd lost their minds to his entrance. A whole arena full of people singing that lead violin line. I could have wept, it was so beautiful.

Enzo Amore (formerly Enzo Amore & Big Cass) – “SAWFT Is A Sin”

My mother is Italian. As a result, I attended Saturday morning Italian classes for as long as I was in school. 13 years and I really only learned how to conjugate a few verbs and ask to use the bathroom. In around 2003, Eminem was very popular so a lot of my classmates dressed and acted like they wanted to be a “dope MC”. Enzo Amore reminds me of a lot of those classmates. His voice, his mannerisms, his turn of phrase… and I love him for it. The mix of Italian folk-music with a Hip-Hop instrumental suits his character perfectly and I could listen to Enzo talk nonsense for days.

Kofi Kingston – “SOS”

I listen to “SOS” so much, it doesn’t even feel like it’s a wrestling theme to me anymore. It’s just a song that I love at this point. Super fun, super catchy, huge chorus. What more could you want? Fun fact about Kofi Kingston: he’s the WWE’s most decorated champion never to win a World Title. Holding 13 championships over the last decade including 4 Intercontinental Championships, 3 United States Championships and a whole bunch of various Tag Team Championships.

Rey Mysterio – Booyaka 619

On a couple of occasions, I’ve happened to be visiting my grandparents when one of WWE’s lower-tier programs like Afterburn has been on. My Nonno loves wrestling, he’s spoken at length about his admiration for Macho Man Randy Savage. In around 2007/08 we sat down together and watched a Rey Mysterio match. He had a great time, laughing and declaring loudly in his thick, Italian accent: “look at this little man! No one can catch him!” He summed up a lot of Rey Mysterio’s appeal. He’s a little guy who moves fast. He’s got a fist-pumping, rap-rock entrance theme to match. Sit down and listen to this track with your Grandparents. See if they have as good a time with it as I do.

Val Venis – Hello Ladies

Saxophone! Saxophone! Saxophone! I still don’t understand how Val Venis is a character that existed but this song is a masterpiece.

Watch the new video for Scrw Flandrs below and go HERE to purchase physical copies of Luke Seymoup’s new album.

Written by Jake Wilton