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PREMIERE: Meridian Theory Are Brutal Pirates In “You Call That A Cutlass?”


Brace yourselves ‘cause Coffs Harbour metalheads Meridian Theory have broken out on the scene with a pretty brutal bang! Unleashing their debut single You Call That A Cutlass?, the quintet are making sure everyone knows who the hell they are!

Taken from their upcoming EP ‘You Call That An EP?’, this single is the first of three that will be released once a week as the collection slowly comes together. Weird, sure, but they’ve got our attention!

The song wastes no time as it blasts off with speedy percussions and face-melting guitar distortion. The vocals are powerful and raw and the song keeps its speed as sections twist and turn and screams mix with clean vocals. There’s a vibe of hardcore mixed with thrashy metal that underlines this genre-bender track, along with some super-catchy and juicy riffs. Brutal from start to finish, you’re barely left with a moment to blink before the song screams to a halt.

The lyrics tell the tale of a crew turning against its captain after being denied the fruits of their labour for far too long. “The song is essentially about working under someone and thinking you can do it better. You know that feeling when you just think “if this was 200 years ago I wouldn’t have to worry about forensics. I could just tie you up and throw you off this ship you’re sinking”? Well, we’re all thinking it!” says vocalist Matt Barton.

If this debut single is anything to go by then we’ve got some seriously cool tunes to look forward to with the rest of the EP! Check out You Call That A Cutlass? and upcoming gig dates below!

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