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PREMIERE: Mitch King’s ‘Believe’ Is Folk Mastery

Mitch King

Last September, we showed you Mitch King’s Burning—a fiery, impassioned folk-rock track that soundtracked the artist’s everlong journey on the road. Now, Mitch King continues to embrace the soulful heat on new track, Believe. Premiering exclusively on AAA Backstage, we’re proud to present the first listen of Believe before its release this Friday.

Instantly, Believe swells into that classic Mitch King folk mastery. He has a unique way of picking an acoustic guitar—something only the greats like Bon Iver posses, almost as if he was born to play it in the first place. His voice kicks in soon after—it’s warming and comforting and soars higher than he’s done before. Believe is the second taste from his upcoming EP.

Speaking of soaring, the extra flourishes Mitch King adds makes Believe a true standout. The undercurrent of strings and orchestration really send this track to the higher realms. Once the percussion kicks in, Mitch King brings in a clever use of reverb and vocal sampling that makes the chorus irresistible.

As someone who spends the majority of their life on the road, Believe holds an empowering message to stay true to yourself, never lose sight of your goal and keep working hard toward it. We can all learn something from Mitch King’s Believe.

The more you believe the more you’ll create what you want out of life. Sometimes you have to let go of old ways of thinking and ingrained programs in the mind to sincerely believe in yourself, goals and passions,” details King.

We’ll say one last thing: we’re pretty relieved Mitch King doesn’t have any future shows planned because we were starting to worry about him. Always one to constantly tour, hopping state-to-state endlessly, it seems Mitch King has some time to relax for the time being. In the meantime, enjoy Believe below.

Written by Jake Wilton