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PREMIERE: Nelson Rodgers Pushes Folk Boundaries On Debut Single, ‘You Don’t Know Me’

Nelson Rodgers

You don’t know Nelson Rodgers yet, but you will! At just 23, Nelson’s ear for a tune and songwriting prowess is beyond his years. AAA Backstage is pleased to premiere his debut single, You Don’t Know Me, before its release.

Dynamically bounding between soundscapes reminiscent of a Bon Iver record and huge electronic moments, the track soars and sets the mood for Nelson’s delicate lyrics to have their impact. The chorus’ lyrics, “Move on with your life / So much more to do / You’re only 22,” sum up the push and pull you feel as a discouraged young creative and really set the tone for the track. The ethereal guitar swells and floating string section further add to the mood.

The real star of the track, however, is Nelson’s buttery voice, which carries the emotional sentiment of the track brilliantly. The way the vocals are tracked in some sections remind me of Boo Seeka’s Turn Up Your Light with the way the harmonies interact. The track is quite an exploration of boundaries for a folk/singer-songwriter project, but it’s an exploration to be commended. Everything comes together in this track to create an earworm you’ll have on repeat and I’m excited to see what he comes out with next.

Stream the exclusive premiere of You Don’t Know Me below.

Written by Kasey Thompson