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PREMIERE: Obscura Hail Shows Insatiable Humanity On ‘Limberjack’

Obscura Hail

Like a moth to a flame, Obscura Hail makes heartening and warm music that breeds melancholy. Erratic, moving and unconventional, the Melbourne producer and singer-songwriter is a vital new voice on the scene. AAA Backstage is pleased to premiere Limberjack.

The musician offers a unique display of humanity. His empathetic, iconoclast portrayal of realism is almost confrontational, though the harmonising vocals and stirring instrumentation take the brunt of that effect. The complexity of his alt-folk meshes with layered guitar beauty and intriguing narratives. Obscura Hail crafts this together through his clever ambience to the music itself, making it so homely and familiar.

Limberjack is the second offering from Obscura Hail’s forthcoming album, ‘Pallbearer’—due Friday 15 November. The track is described as a, “a cautionary tale about the invisible line between the safety of routine and the purpose of ritual.”

A very special mention to the video, which earns a very welcome and warm place in my heart. The 8-bit, pixel art animation is simple, though so incredibly fitting. It’s transfixing and perplexing, much like the song itself.

Obscura Hail has a couple of dates in Sydney and Melbourne this November. Check them out below and stream Limberjack.

Obscura Hail Live Dates

Long Play, Melbourne
Golden Age Cinema, Sydney

Written by Jake Wilton