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PREMIERE: Old Cities Embraces Grief With The Fragile Pop Track ‘Again’

Old Cities

I’ve never been more patient and calmed than by Old Cities’ music. Again is Old Cities’ most classic and pure effort. Filled with personal grief, Again is a minimal, yet fragile pop song that deals with the aftermath of death. AAA Backstage is pleased to offer to exclusive premiere.

Old Cities is the solo moniker of Jordi White, which started in 2016. Born in Nazareth, he instead grew up on the sunny Northern Beaches of Sydney. His passion for music proceeded him as I’ll See Her Again—Old Cities’ debut single—caught the attention of press and fans alike. White’s ability to craft a subtle pop song atop a soft, pillowy production layer and hook-filled vocal approaches.

Sparse, yet achingly agile, White produces a timely sense of patience and understanding. On Old Cities’ previous singles, White never appeared as honest and heartbreakingly effective as he does on Again. His voice, coupled with the cascading production, starts as a metaphorical whisper before building up to something austere. There’s an undeniably personal feel to Again, as it’s expressed in the svelte piano lines and White’s soaring falsetto.

Written, produced and mixed entirely by White, Again acts almost as a coping mechanism for his acceptance and grief from the passing of his mother.

Again encapsulates this never ending narrative of trying make sense of it all, with the answer always narrowly escaping your grasp, but in doing so calls you forward,” details White.

Again will feature on Old Cities’ forthcoming EP dropping in August. The EP will also feature previous single Take Flight. Stream Again below.

Written by Jake Wilton