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PREMIERE: Orewa Release Dreamy Debut Single “The Honeypot”


In a time when from all reports Sydney’s music scene is slowly being chocked by lockout laws, it’s hard to come across a new harbour city band with a sound that’s full of sunshine and rainbows. Luckily for all of us Orewa, the creative outlet of songwriter Bradley Chrisite, has announced their arrival on the scene with their upbeat and catchy debut single The Honeypot, and it’s sure to inject plenty of happy-go-lucky vibes into their struggling hometown venues.

Rewritten thrice, Orewa’s debut single is full of summer vibes carried along by a combination of surf rock and ambient synthesisers. It’s kind of like The Beautiful Girls had a lazy jam session with Cloud Control, or Ball Park Music and a stripped back Skegss.

Christie’s slightly raspy, but completely charming voice glues the song’s airy synth and sparse lead guitar sections together, and the simple melody behind “I’ll wait, I’ll wait for you” will repeat in your head for hours.

Partially recorded to tape in Def Wolf studios in Redfern, Orwea worked with producer and engineer Ryan K Brennan (Phantastic Ferniture, Spookyland), and mastered by Andrew Edgson (Ball Park Music, Beach House), to deliver a single that sounds both unique and mature from such a fresh artist.

Starting as a bedroom project, Bradley Christie (ex Taking Berlin) wrote and demoed songs for nearly two years before entering the studio for Orewa.

If you’re digging the debut single you’ll be happy to know Christie’s currently working on a home-recorded EP which will feature Orewa’s next single Lioness, due for release in early 2017.

In the meantime, check out Orewa’s debut single The Honeypot below!