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Premiere: Part Paladin Reveals Dynamic New EP, ‘Atlantis’

Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist. This week, Part Paladin will reveal his anticipated EP, Atlantis, and today, we’re bringing you the first listen of the 5-track release.

This EP takes listeners on a captivating and introspective journey through its melodic and atmospheric landscapes, offering a refreshing perspective on contemporary heavy music. With its genre-defying sound, the release seamlessly blends elements of modern metal, alternative rock, and ethereal soundscapes, accompanied by compelling vocals that add depth and emotion to each track.

Helmed by the skilled hands of Dux Newton, this EP is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, expert production, and top-notch engineering. The rhythmic heartbeat of world-class drummer Pete Drummond pulses through each track, elevating the sonic experience to unparalleled heights. The final touch comes from the adept hands of Marvin at Tide Studios London, where the EP was meticulously mixed and mastered to perfection.

“The lead single, Atlantis delves into humanity’s ever growing plasticity, exploring the impact of social media and reality TV. It envisions a hypothetical apocalyptic event sinking the world into the mythos of lost civilizations. The remainder of the EP centres around concepts of forgiveness and family. Realign navigates shifting family dynamics and old wounds, while Penance talks about the balance between forgiveness and punishment and the trials of a damaged father-son relationship. Exhale addresses the passage of time and loss, written from the perspective of a loved one succumbing to dementia and old age. Crafted, produced and engineered by Dux Newton, the EP features Pete Drummond’s world-class drumming and is mixed/mastered by Marvin at Tide Studios London.” – Part Paladin.

In the harmonious fusion of musical prowess and artistic innovation, Atlantis is a testament to the boundless creativity that unfolds when talent and passion intertwine, leaving listeners with an unforgettable sonic journey.

Atlantis is available Friday, but you can listen right here exclusively today!

Written by Chris Lamaro