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Premiere: Primal Reveal Much Anticipated Self-Titled EP

Melbourne-based alt-rock outfit Primal will reveal their dynamic self-titled debut EP this week, and today, we’re beyond stoked to bring you the very first spin of the seven-track release.

This 7-track marvel is a genre-bending odyssey, with each composition standing as a unique testament to Primal’s fearless exploration of diverse musical landscapes. Produced by Samuel Bassal (known for his work with Ocean Grove and Harbours) and penned entirely by frontman Ethan Taylor, formerly of Weighbridge, the EP delves deep into the intricacies of manhood, the complexities of coming of age, and the nuanced challenges of navigating the modern era.

“We started work on the Primal EP in late 2021, with Sammy Bassal (from Ocean Grove) producing these 7 tracks I’d written over the course of a few years. This came at a time that my old band Weighbridge had just come to a halt, but, personally, I didn’t feel as though I could call it a day there. Primal, as a band, didn’t even exist at that time – the guys all came onboard later after they heard the EP.”

“It was really important to me that the EP didn’t adhere to any specific genre, but rather that it had a sound that was identifiable with this idea of Primal – a rock band without question, but tinged with elements of pop and electronic music that I’d come to love. Sonically, I like to think it’s like a blend of 2000’s hyper pop and 80’s dad rock. 

It was coming up to my 22nd birthday at the time we started recording, and so the lyrics tend to touch on these themes of coming of age, manhood, and generally the difficult navigation of this day-in-age.”

“Shortly after Sammy sent back the masters, myself and Jake Leahy (also from Weighbridge) got busy getting the band together. We found Louis Cameron; who I went to uni with, Jack Mannock; the bass player from my high school band, and Pablo Tuke; a friend who was at uni with one of our other mates. The rest was history.” – Primal.

Primal’s debut EP is not merely a musical offering; it’s a kaleidoscopic reflection of the multifaceted human experience. To add to the joy of the release, the band are also revealing the accompanying video to the track, Only Animals. The EP is available tomorrow but you can listen right here today.

Written by Chris Lamaro