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PREMIERE: QD Hypnotising New Single “Queen of Sheba”

QD Queen of Sheba Press Shot

Ever wondered what the musical lovechild of Sticky Fingers and King Gizzard & The Wizard Lizard would sound like? Or perhaps just need a new psychedelic track to kick up your feet to? Then look no further than QD’s latest hypnotising single Queen of Sheba.

Saying QD has an incredible work ethic is somewhat of an understatement. The moniker of Quang Dinh (Little Red, Naked Bodies) is only six months old, yet QD has already released three EPs! Queen of Sheba is taken from his third EP ‘Lysergic Flaccid’, on which QD says, “everything you hear on the [EP] is me, alone, in Pink Slime Studios, my little vacuum”.

The latest single is a chugging psychedelic adventure, full of sporadic instrumentation playing off a grooving bass line and head-bopping drumbeat. QD’s smooth echoed rastafarian vocals narrate experiences of meeting a mystical woman in an Ethiopian dystopia, while increasingly manipulated layers of guitars carry you through the strangely soothing sonic landscape.

Describing himself as “delusional polyglamorous musician”, QD says he got the lyrical idea for Queen of Sheba by “instead of saying Jesus Christ all the time when something wonderous occurred, I started saying Queen of Sheba, with respect to the universal feminine power that feeds and nurtures us and grows weed.”

“As the story goes, the Queen rolls into town with a caravan of camels carrying gold, frankincense, and sackfuls of herb…and her eyes are made of crystals and she’s a hypnotist…this is a love song for her,” said QD.

If you’re digging Queen of Sheba then like QD on Facebook and keep your eyes peeled, QD promises his debut album will be coming sometime later in the year!