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PREMIERE: Raindrop Sparks A Chillwave Epiphany On ‘Bob Dylan’s 116th Dream’

It’s time to soak into the lush, lo-fi production of Raindrop. Incredibly layered and achieving chillwave singularity, Bob Dylan’s 116th Dream is the producer’s latest, otherworldy venture. AAA Backstage is excited to offer the premiere before its release this Friday.

Raindrop—better known as Miles Devine to his folks—has followed up his two previous singles, Only Hope and Another World with a buzzing and brash journey into synthesised psych. Its instrumentation sloshes around in lush, warm reverb and palpable bass frequencies. Raindrop deals with both the daytime playfulness and nighttime whitewash. Though considered a producer, Raindrop is more of a destined composer and bandleader than his moniker portrays.

Bob Dylan’s 116th Dream is a visual affair without any visuals. The song, expertly, paints vivid imagery in your dream throughout its relaxed six minutes. Though big in scope, it’s the smaller moments which make Bob Dylan’s 116th Dream bigger. Truly, it’s the wild moods which Raindrop evokes.

“Bob Dylan’s 116th Dream explores the constant cycles one goes through that always seem to lead back to the same result, following the heart, not the mind,” explains Raindrop.

‘Mild Meadows’ is the artist’s forthcoming, debut album and will be released on your streaming platform of choice on Friday 13 July. Raindrop bottlenecked himself into the studio but for this album, he reached out super-producer and mix engineer, SPOD—who’s worked on a couple of mentionable DZ Deathrays videos. SPOD parted with some inspirational advice that paved the adventurous sounds we now hear.

Smack bang in the middle of winter, Raindrop will be warming the masses with his crisp tune with his launch show at Waywards in Newtown alongside Egoism and RIYM who’ll be doing a DJ set.

Raindrop Live Dates

Waywards, Sydney

Written by Jake Wilton