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Premiere: Rivilin Releases New Album ‘Ratrose’

Alterative Rapper Rivilin  releases his brilliant new album ‘Ratrose’ this Friday and today we have the joy of first listen. He has also announced a launch show at Black Bear Lodge on 23rd Feb, with proceeds going towards the NSW Rural Fire Services.

Debuting back in 2016 the Brisbane local has accumulated a number of different releases. Originally performing in hardcore bands and promoting local gigs around the scene, he now focuses all his energy into writing and releasing music at a prolific rate.

‘Ratrose’ is a dark collection of songs that was written after the musician was involved in a terrible car accident. He locked himself in a room and commenced writing about watching everyone around him disappear as a means of mental recovery.

To get the low down on where the album took inspiration and shape from, below Rivilin talks us through track by track.


This song goes over the topic of how people who just wanted to use me to make themselves better, and as the title says, karma will get them in the end.

I’m Glad

I cover the themes of what it feels like to drown in anxiety and not knowing what to believe from the people you used to love. The line in it ‘shattered glass, cut feet, on my knees,

bleeding, conscious leaving, brother screaming’ was about when I fell through a glass shower and shards sticking out of me and my brother found me. When you’re consistently

burdened by anxiety it reminisces times of nearly dying.


After the car crash, I started to become more introverted, I didn’t want to socialize I just wanted to be left alone. This song covers themes of depression, anxiety, family issues

and just wanting to be left alone. The ironic thing is when you think you don’t want anyone around is the time you actually need people to help.


This song is about cowards trying to take what I’ve made myself, trying to exploit me by using me to get places that I’ve worked hard to get too.

Look Down

When you look into the person you loved eyes and see that they’re suffering inside. You want to help but they just push you away,

you can’t help feeling like you’re not wanted so you end up just walking away.

Junk Dog

Do you know the feeling of being betrayed? This song covers that exact topic. Someone helped me get better, then kicked me off my feet

and fed me to the wolves just in order for them to use me as a step to get higher.


Being accused of being insane, gaslighted and manipulated in order for someone to benefit over, I just locked myself away from everyone

and just wanted to be left alone.


Watching my loved ones leave and friends forget about me after I flipped my car. Depression really sunk into me after this and I guess

this song covers the topic of what is like just to lose faith in everyone.

All I Need

Making bad decisions with drugs, dealing with being broke and trying to do anything to make money and as soon as I got on my feet

I’d end up being kicked down again just to repeat the cycle.


This song goes over topics of being manipulated into doing something you don’t want to do, like stealing, etc.

I guess there is a strong topic of being used in this album, I’m glad I cut all of those people out.


I watched one of my best friends get hooked to drugs, I was his first friend in Brisbane when he arrived.

I introduced him to people that I wish I never did, It’s hard to let go of someone even when the drugs

made him into a completely different person.

Ratrose is out tomorrow Friday 21st February on all streaming platforms.


23rd Feb – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, QLD

Tickets available at | 18+ only

Written by John Zebra