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PREMIERE: Sam Hunter’s Smooth & Slick Hip-Hop Intensifies On ‘Let Me In’

Sam Hunter

Time moves a little slower when listening to Sam Hunter. The Sydney-based MC makes ultra smooth and sultry hip-hop that’s both progressive and grooves at a perfect pace. AAA Backstage has the exclusive premiere of his new single, Let Me In, before the official release tomorrow.

Hunter’s former alias, Little Hunta, saw him hone his skills and earn respect in the Sydney scene. On the side, Hunter is also an active member of hip-hop trio Decypher Us. Let Me In follows his huge Get Acquitted single, which featured NYC rapper, Ruste Juxx.

Sam Hunter is a blessed writer gifted with a talented voice and flow. There’s a realness and conscious flow to his words. His signature delivery resonates to this generation. Produced by Ruckas, the song stands high on its sentiments and conceptualises a lush, ‘90s-inspired soundscape. Building a foundation of hypnotic, celestial beats, Ruckas does well not to overshadow Hunter’s essence. His production breadth is central and calming.

On the single, Hunter describes it as that fleeting feeling you once felt for that special someone. He speaks of deceiving feelings and assures you’re not the only one who’s felt it.

You explore places together, cultures, food and are so amazed by how well things are going until that mutual feelings starts fading away, only to become what is known as the ‘Friend Zone.’ You can’t do anything about it and feel like you are apart of some cruel reality TV prank show. All this happens in the blink of an eye & feels like you were together on the weekend as a couple, and by Monday you are merely friends! Now you have the perfect song to relate to! And trust, you are not alone,” details Hunter.

Stream Let Me In below.

Written by Jake Wilton