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PREMIERE: SO.Crates Reinvent Hip-Hop Soul With ‘Kush/Divide’

Hip hop, for me, relies more so on the production delivery and its controlled nuances. Thankfully, Melbourne soul and hip-hop duo of SO.Crates have pulled through with a daring and incredibly succinct groover, Kush/Divide. For its official drop, AAA Backstage has the exclusive premiere of the single’s video.

First off, Kush/Divide is a fascinating concept for a single—it’s a reinvented dual single composed of two previously released tracks from their revered 2016 compact cassette, ‘Static Methods’. The record will receive a much-deserved re-release next year, both digitally and on vinyl, and will feature Kush/Divide. ‘Static Methods Replay’ will also feature other illustrious Melbourne talent such Laneous, 30/70, Billy Davis, ESESE, Chicken Wishbone, and Amadou Susso of the Senegambian Jazz Band.

The duo, made up of Skomes and Cazeaux O.S.L.O., further stretch the traditions of hip-hop—giving the genre an incredible sense of elasticity and empowering an organic, contemporary takeover. Kush/Divide dips and weaves from one musical notion to another, giving no time to rest on its laurels. The track, by definition of its re-release, employs complete diversity both in its musical compositions and its anatomical push of cultural boundaries. SO.Crates, with the help of Kush/Divide, appeals to the crate-diggers, the hip-hop enthusiasts and the aspiring MC’s of Melbourne.

Kush/Divide features the immaculate vocals of Allysha Joy. Her hushed, yet empowering rhymes, make this track feel full and, matched with Cazeaux O.S.L.O.’s soulful lyricism and dynamic vocal stretches, equal a track that’s built to reinvent soul-influence hip-hop.

To celebrate the release of the duo’s new video, they’ll be performing a very special support slot with USA’s AFTA-1 along with The New Venusians and Danny OSX. Scope the gig details below along with ticketing information—these will sell out! Also stream the exclusive premiere of Kush/Divide below.

SO.Crates Live Dates

Hudson Ballroom, Sydney

Written by Jake Wilton