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Premiere: Sunset Salore Reveals Enchanting Return Single, ‘Call It’

Get ready to dive into the enchanting world of Melbourne’s own Sunset Salore as she drops her mesmerising new single, Call It, premiering exclusively on AAA Backstage. With a knack for turning raw emotions into musical magic, Sunset Salore’s latest track is all about those tiny relationship moments that add up, pushing you to finally say, “Enough is enough.”

Call It is a powerful anthem of self-worth, capturing that pivotal moment when you decide you deserve better. It’s the first taste of her upcoming EP, Love Kills the Monsters, which promises more of her signature blend of haunting melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

“This song is about addressing all the little micro-moments in a relationship that don’t stack up anymore, and in that moment, deciding to call time on everything. Essentially, it’s saying, I’ve had enough with the status quo – this isn’t good enough, I deserve better. I wanted this track to convey the assertiveness that comes with that acknowledgement, and to feel powerful in that moment.  This song was written midway through my journey of writing the upcoming EP. I was neck-deep exploring the moments that change you, or change your situation, and how it feels to be back there. Often, we don’t look too closely as we are experiencing everything the first time around. It’s too real, too raw, too visceral. We can be too close to see clearly. This song allowed me to reflect on these critical moments which changed my trajectory in life and explore more deeply the feelings we don’t sit comfortably with at the time. It’s not a song about one person, it borrows from many relationships over the years, but it does draw deeply on personal experiences. As a society we use labels a lot, but sometimes in relationships we can be scared to label things at all. ‘Call It’ also seeks to throw out the notion that labels materially change the accountability each party brings to the table in a relationship. It really matters how we treat each other, regardless of what we do or don’t want to call that interaction.” – Sunset Salore.

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Sunset Salore made waves in 2019 with her debut single “Gold,” captivating Melbourne audiences with her soul-stirring performances. After a burst of fresh inspiration, she hit the studio again, crafting what’s set to be a standout EP.

Don’t miss out on Call It, premiering today on AAA Backstage, and get ready to feel empowered by Sunset Salore’s bold and beautiful new sound. Keep an ear out for Love Kills the Monsters later this year – it’s a release you won’t want to miss.

Written by Chris Lamaro