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PREMIERE: Take A Big Journey With Big Creature’s EP ‘Talk’

Big Creature 1

Are you a fan of M83, Passion Pit, or Client Liaison? Either way we’ve got some top 80’s synth-pop with a twist coming your way! Many artists occupy the electro and synth-pop ideal but only some make something of it. With Big Creature we’ve got the lot – the songs brim with sparkling synthesisers, funktastic horn stabs, and slick syncopated guitars.

Big Creature are set to release sophomore EP ‘Talk’ which is sonically big compared with their self-titled debut EP. The songs that made their way onto the EP were written, produced, and mixed almost entirely in frontman Michael Best’s tiny spare room.

Title-track Talk is a creamy introduction to Big Creature’s sonic brand that can be described as some pretty dapper synth-pop about sad stuff…you’ll just have to give it a listen. Opening with a chunky guitar riff, Talk features tight rhythms, infectious pop hooks, and high flying vocals that’ll easily get you on your feet!

Speak Your Mind opens with rolling guitars and soft reverb, giving it a beachy vibe that’s at odds with the EP’s spacey soundscapes. The chorus is an atmospheric anthem with killer vocals and irresistible dance energy. Arteries carries ‘Talk’ along a different avenue, dropping their pulpy guitars in favour of airy, cosmic synths without winding down on the speed.

There are some unique sonic effects on this track that makes it more of a journey than a song. Although easily a unique offering to the EP, the extended synths can be a mouthful to digest after the much tighter earlier tracks.

‘Talk’ is a sonic examination of the heavy themes of loss and pain through a euphoric lens.

Ending/Beginning is an instrumental interlude that doesn’t fit with either of its two names as we’re flung far into the deep reaches of space. Amidst a vacuum of synths, the track instils a sense of finality and loneliness – you’re the last person left in the universe, careening through space with no hope of stopping. Rather than existing at a certain point in time the track feels like, it just is.

Pulling us right back into the atmosphere, Pressure shines with pure emotion under its sweeping synths and catchy vocals. Concluding with uplifting vibes and a sharp guitar solo with all the right elements the track is a fitting ending to the soundscape that ‘Talk’ offers.

“Even though I didn’t set out to write to a concept, I noticed that a lot of the lyrics I was writing were grappling with a similar theme, and it just happened that the musical ideas developed a similar consistency. It ended up being a way for me to try and deal with some things going on in my life,” says Best.

‘Talk’ is exactly that, a sonic examination of the heavy themes of loss and pain through a euphoric lens. Ahead of it’s release on Friday 30th of September, Big Creature will be launching their EP with some live shows, see below for more details!

Album Rating: 4

Big Creature ‘Talk’ EP Live Shows

Gasometer Hotel, Collingwood
Penny Black, Brunswick

Get Tickets HERE

Big Creature 2

Written by Tom Vu