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PREMIERE: Taylor King Soars & Surprises In Single “Nothing Here Looks Like Love”

Taylor King

Take the scaffold of a Courtney Barnett song, flood it with loveless lyricism, add a tonne of ever-changing guitar riffs, and you have yourself the debut single from Sydneysider Taylor King. Nothing Here Looks Like Love is the first taste of his upcoming debut album Sick & Glad, showcasing the unique musicality and phrasing of the young songwriter.

Nothing Here Looks Like Love is a five-minute journey exploring a range of lo-fi and garage sounds that is essentially a build-up to a heavy rock-driven ending. Taking a soft approach for the beginning (beginning being key word here!), King’s vocals flow over a smooth guitar melody that comes to an unexpected pause, leaving just his soaring voice smashing high notes as all instrumentals jolt to a complete silence.

After the second chorus is where the song really picks up, with the melody taking on darker and more intense vibe where King’s soft and soothing vocals turns into a Ty Segall thrashing scream. The melody yet again changes, now to a slower and exhausted rhythm as you get off the theoretical rollercoaster that this impressive first release has taken you on.

Combining diverse guitar riffs, slacker drumbeats and lyrics of heartache, Nothing Here Looks Like Love is an emotion-drenched track that is full of musical surprises. Taylor King describes the track as an ode to those suffering the toxicity of mentally unhealthy people.

“The song felt like it was telling a close friend that they were slowly losing the people around them. Society as a whole seems to lack a certain standard of loyalty and consideration, and that seemed to be amplified in a couple of my past relationships. This song definitely helped me through a small part of it all,” said King.

Nothing Here Looks Like Love is the first teaser from the Sick & Tired album, with a release date soon to be announced. In the mean time, enjoy this adventurous first release below!

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