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PREMIERE: The Dollar Bill Murrays Self-Titled EP

The Dollar Bill Murrays Press Shot 2016
The Dollar Bill Murrays demand your attention. They’ve just released their self-titled EP and have all the makings of the next Queens of the Stone Age. With their naturally anthemic songwriting style, they lend themselves to fans of softer pop-rock too! Recorded and mixed in five days by engineer Steve Kempnich (Orphans Orphans, Morning Harvey) at Bedlam Records and mastered by former live member of Queens of the Stone Age John McBain, this is a slice of true Brissy rock ‘n’ roll.

Opening on a Foo Fighters-esque banger, Stranger Side is oozing with grunge power and ballsy guitar riffs. Driven by vocalist Felix Lindgren, the track features cheery backing vocals that contrast the hard-edged tone of the chorus. Engineer Kempnich also gets in on the action on this opening tune with a rippling guitar line that gives the tune an extra pop.

John McBain’s influence has no doubt given each track an extra helping of that desert-rock feel The Dollar Bill Murrays are all about. My Club Soda is driven by a shaky, menacing bass line, and lyrics projected sharply like ambers off a fire. Children of the Sun is the EP’s third and most charming track. Soft and ambient, this song is one for fans of the slower tunes from Dandy Warhols. It’s equal parts chilled and fired up, with a bridge that climbs with cool intensity to an epic conclusion.

The Dollar Bill Murrays don’t follow any exact songwriting rules. They said, “we don’t follow any strict formulas or genre rules when writing songs, and if something feels right and sounds good then we’ll likely do it”. Clearly, this skill has come in handy for the fourth track Bad Monkey. It’s a guitar-wailing, gutsy track with Lindgrens voice cruising easily over Rachit Moti’s ruthless drumming.

Created after hearing the news of the Paris attacks last year, Eagles Over Paris is the EP’s final tune. The band were rehearsing and during a break heard the news of the attack on the Bataclan theatre. They said, “the mood of the rehearsal darkened as we reflected on what that would be like to go out to see one of your favourite bands live in concert and to experience the tragedy that happened on that day”.

The track is decorated with a reflective guitar riff and a bass line that hovers gently above crashing cymbals. It’s a mellow conclusion to a riotous EP and makes a thoughtful statement about using music to therapeutically combat evil.

The Dollar Bill Murrays are keen to play shows in Brisbane and will be announcing the gig dates in the upcoming weeks. For now though treat your earholes to these five flaming tracks!

Album Rating: 4

Dollar Bill Murrays 2016